Our Approach
The approach we have pioneered is based on a disciplined execution of fundamentals—the most important things investors need to focus on to be successful in the long term.

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy maintains that an investment portfolio’s asset allocation (choice of asset classes and allocation of money across them) is a primary determinant of its long-term investment performance. Most investors understand a more broadly diversified portfolio has less risk. Many investors are surprised to learn, however, that multiple-asset-class diversification tends to simultaneously improve returns over the long run. By designing portfolios that capture the benefits of broad diversification, we help our clients pursue their financial goals with more safety.

We meaningfully involve our clients in the investment decision-making process. At each stage of the process, we explain the concepts necessary to make sound investment decisions. Our collaborative process actively guides clients through a systematic series of portfolio decisions, resulting in a customized investment strategy. This process ensures the portfolio design is a good match for the client’s risk tolerance and financial goals. It also helps them become more sophisticated, knowledgeable investors. A knowledgeable investor is more likely to avoid one of the greatest threats to long-term investment performance: abandonment of the investment strategy itself. The strategy we design together is ideally an “all-weather” one that clients will live with through changing economic climates.

Financial Planning

The investment strategies that we design with clients fit within the broader context of their financial lives and objectives. Our financial planning services integrate client portfolios with other key aspects of their financial situations, such as income tax, insurance and benefits, philanthropy, and estate planning.

Because our clients have varied objectives and circumstances, our financial planning services are highly customized. We help busy professionals by creating a roadmap for tax-efficient wealth accumulation and by reducing the complexity that they face with having so many financial decisions and so little time. Our clients in retirement benefit from our sophisticated cash flow modeling analysis, Social Security and Medicare planning, and tax planning coordination with their tax and legal advisors. They gain the peace of mind that their families will be financially secure in the years and decades to come.

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