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A Customized Client Experience
You want truly independent investment advice.
We deliver truly independent investment advice.

When we commence our advisory relationship, we will undertake a fiduciary review to develop a full understanding of your needs and current investment practices. Together, through our collaborative decision-making process, we will construct a customized portfolio that addresses your financial goals, investment objectives, and risk tolerance.

As a partner in managing your financial life, we serve you in a variety of capacities, from employing tax-efficient strategies and helping you with estate and retirement planning to suggesting charitable gifting strategies. Tell us about your goals. Together, we’ll come up with a plan.

We Have Your Back
You want an advisor you can trust.
We think you should have one.

We are fiduciaries, and when you become our client, we owe you our undivided loyalty to act in your best interest. We sign this Fiduciary Pledge and send it to all new clients so there is no question about who comes first in this relationship.

We make the pledge because we believe in the principles listed in it. We also believe any person offering investment or financial advice should be willing (at the very least) to sign the pledge. So if you think you’ve found an advisor and wonder if you can trust them, ask them to sign. If they refuse, you have your answer.

We’re Really Into You
You want to know your interests are taken care of and you have your advisor’s undivided attention.

We maintain a low client-to-advisor ratio and take on only as many clients as we can serve to our standards. Our guiding principle is a simple one: The clients we do have are more important than the clients we might have. You will be part of a group of clients who enjoy highly personal, thorough, and attentive service.

Our clients consist of high-net-worth individuals, foundations, and retirement plans nationwide, currently located in 36 states across the country. Charitable accounts and retirement plans represent more than 33% percent of the assets that we manage.

We are a small firm with a large footprint. We currently manage approximately $2.5 billion in assets for 200 clients, with portfolios ranging in size from $2 million to over $400 million.

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Want to talk to us? We’re probably closer than you think. We serve clients nationwide, and we’re happy to travel to your hometown to meet with you.

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