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Happy New Year! It’s that time of year when economists and investment professionals engage in the popular ritual of predicting where the economy and markets are headed over the upcoming year. If enough people look

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One of the investment lessons I have learned over the past few years has been how hard it is to predict what will happen next in the financial markets.  I was already on the side

Q3 Gibson Quarterly Insights

Stock prices declined for a third straight quarter as markets continue to assess the future prospects for inflation and interest rates.  What makes this year so challenging is that bonds also have performed poorly.  While

Q2 Gibson Quarterly Insights

One of the many advantages of working at a firm with a rich, long history is occasionally stumbling upon interesting things in our archives.  We were reminded of this recently while updating the assumptions for

Q1 Gibson Quarterly Insights

Market Update in Six Charts (OK, Five Charts and One Table) Inflation We begin with inflation, which jumped to a 40-year high this year.  Prices of commodities such as copper, aluminum, wheat, and oil already