Finding Inspiration in Pittsburgh’s Vibrant Creative Community: New Art on Display at Gibson Capital Office

by Gibson Capital March 18th, 2024

Pittsburgh is a city of rich artistic history, and our local talent continues to inspire and captivate today. At Gibson Capital, we’ve long embraced our creative community, often collaborating with area artists on projects. Among this roster of artists are Don Graeb, Mary Mazziotti, Joren Dykstra, Brenda Goldner, and Jeanine Murch, to name a few. Whether we commission holiday cards or art to display on our walls, these collaborations capture the essence of Pittsburgh.

We recently came across a 2011 print called “Nod to Past Pittsburgh” by Mark Bender, a local illustrator whose portfolio includes award-winning and acclaimed work for the Steelers and others. Inspired by this piece, we commissioned Bender to craft its feminine counterpart so that we could display both in our office.  The result is “Grit and Grace.” The piece’s name was chosen by our staff members who submitted titles and then voted to select the winning name. 

Each piece pays homage to the city’s blue-collar roots. They stand together as a representation of the city’s evolution, from its historic industrial past to its present-day focus on healthcare, finance, and technology.  Bender’s creations not only celebrate Pittsburgh’s enduring work ethic but also acknowledge its unsung heroes. In “Grit and Grace,” a figure reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter, originally created by Pittsburgh artist J. Howard Miller in 1942, emerges from the backdrop, a subtle nod to her origins at Westinghouse during the war. 

As these pieces adorn our office walls, they serve as reminders of the resilience and spirit that define Pittsburgh and our team at Gibson. We invite you to take a glimpse inside our workplace and experience a bit of Pittsburgh’s storied artistic heritage.

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