Quarterly Insights – October 2023
Quarterly Insights – October 2023 October 24th, 2023 by Christopher Sidoni Investment Management

The third quarter of this year marked the 15th anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the investment bank failure at the epicenter of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. The occasion got me thinking

Quarterly Insights
Quarterly Insights August 2nd, 2023 by Christopher Sidoni Investment Management

Earlier this year, a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center caught my attention.  The survey asked the following question: “In general, would you say life in America today is better, worse, or about the

Quarterly Insights
Quarterly Insights May 23rd, 2023 by Christopher Sidoni Investment Management

During the quarter, most asset classes posted positive returns, recovering somewhat from a difficult 2022.  U.S. stocks, non-U.S. stocks, and insurance-linked securities led the advance with mid-single-digit returns.  Bonds and real estate securities turned in

Safeguarding Cash
Safeguarding Cash March 24th, 2023 by Gibson Capital Investment Management

Over the past year, cash management has become an important topic of conversation with our clients.  Prior to last week, the nature of that conversation has been about how to increase the yield, or interest

Gibson Quarterly Insights
Gibson Quarterly Insights January 26th, 2023 by Christopher Sidoni Investment Management

One of the investment lessons I have learned over the past few years has been how hard it is to predict what will happen next in the financial markets.  I was already on the side