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Expanding Charitable Giving Through Integration of Personal and Business Finances

As the co-owners of a thriving business, a client couple was beginning to experience both the freedom and the complexity of wealth. While the couple had worked with an investment advisor and an accountant, their financial plan lacked integration. They decided that they had outgrown their previous advisor and needed a more comprehensive approach.

The business owners wanted help with a plan for growing their wealth outside of the business so that they could be free to focus on their business. The couple was interested in capitalizing on the success of their business to expand their charitable mission. A focal point within their plan was a more structured and substantial charitable giving strategy.

More Freedom to Grow Your Business

We reviewed their complete financial picture to understand the intersections of their business, investment portfolio, income tax picture, and financial objectives. Here’s how we helped:

  • We created a tax-efficient investment strategy that we integrated with their charitable giving. The result was tens of thousands of dollars of additional tax savings that the clients could use to benefit their favorite charities.
  • We worked with their accountant to identify and evaluate potential tax saving measures related to their business distributions.
  • When the clients asked for assistance with the company’s 401(k) plan, we improved the plan’s investment menu, reduced expenses, and brought investment education to their staff.
  • We instilled peace of mind, which allowed the clients to focus on managing their business.

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Make the most of your charitable donations with a plan that ties together your investment strategy and tax picture.


Identify your unique considerations and create a tax-efficient roadmap to meet your post-career goals with confidence.


Develop personalized investment strategies that benefit from broad diversification while managing risk.

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