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Helping a Client Navigate Newfound Complexity

Our client was in her late 40s and entering the beginning stages of a divorce. Throughout the marriage, her soon-to-be ex-husband had looked after the family’s finances. As they began the process of dividing a substantial collection of assets, her financial planning needs started to come into focus. Three interrelated factors shaped our client’s financial situation at that time:

  1. The family balance sheet was incredibly complex, with significant dollars in real estate, art, annuities, and multiple business entities.
  2. She had not previously been heavily involved in financial decision-making.
  3. The emotions of a divorce and negotiation over asset division weighed on every critical decision.

We assembled a team to navigate the complex case. Our initial role was to serve as an objective financial partner for analysis, negotiation, and coordination alongside her legal counsel, accountants, insurance providers, and other partners. We also provided an important framework for evaluating each asset from an after-tax perspective.

Striving for Simplicity and Confidence

Our client was looking forward to her next chapter. Here’s how we helped:

  • She wished to maintain her lifestyle and support her family and children in the near and long term. We guided her through a budgeting process and sustainable cash flow analysis, developed a plan that relieved her of significant financial anxiety, and demonstrated she could comfortably meet her objectives.
  • We evaluated each asset she received in the divorce agreement. With her tax and legal advisors, we provided objective recommendations based on her goals and preferences. As she sold certain assets, we integrated her remaining assets into her broader investment portfolio, resulting in a vastly simpler overall financial life.
  • With her involvement in each step and our collaborative investment decision-making process, she confidently stepped into her individual wealth.

We intentionally focus on a limited number of client engagements and have a low client-to-advisor ratio so we can deliver comprehensive advice and devote the necessary time and attention to our clients’ complex situations.

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Financial Planning

Design highly customized strategies that fit into the broader context of your financial life while integrating key factors, such as your insurance, income tax, benefits, retirement goals, and more.


Coordinating with your team of tax and legal professionals to offer peace of mind that your family will be financially secure for years to come.


Develop personalized investment strategies that benefit from broad diversification while managing risk.

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