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A Game Plan for Busy Young Professionals

The couple in their early 40s was highly dedicated to their flourishing, successful careers. They were building wealth, but they lacked a cohesive strategy and worried about the growing complexity of their financial lives. Young children and demanding jobs kept them from prioritizing their finances until they realized they were accumulating cash and postponing financial decisions.

Previously, their financial plan seemed to be on autopilot. They were paying off student loans, saving in their 401(k)s, and contributing to college savings accounts opened when the kids were born. As they progressed in their careers—one as a lawyer, the other an executive—their financial considerations mushroomed. Expanded employee benefits, stock-based compensation, and significant excess cash flow contributed to the complexity. The couple’s historical approach of managing a collection of accounts was no longer viable.

The couple had multiple goals, such as saving for college, purchasing a new home, and building wealth for retirement. However, they needed help to prioritize these objectives and design an investment strategy to meet them.

Customized Planning for Unique Circumstances

Crucial aspects of our process and guidance included:

  • Data Gathering: We pieced together a thorough picture of the couple’s financial situation through in-depth discovery, from real estate and liabilities to benefits and taxes. Our questions sparked a robust conversation. We also identified some overlooked employee benefits they could use to improve tax-efficient savings.
  • Building Investment Conviction: After developing a plan via a collaborative decision-making process, the clients understood how their portfolio fit in their long-term strategy. This helped them to remain clear-headed and stay the course toward reaching their objectives, even when faced with adverse market conditions.
  • Clear Cash Flow Plan: With a solid foundation for the couple’s objectives, we developed a strategy for directing excess cash flow to their various savings vehicles. The strategy reduced their anxiety about balancing their goals and optimized the tax benefits of certain account types and investment vehicles.

It can become easy to shelve talking about the future and financial concerns amid busy careers, kids, and life. We’re here to help inspire those conversations and simplify your financial life.

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Design highly customized strategies that fit into the broader context of your financial life while integrating key factors, such as your insurance, income tax, benefits, retirement goals, and more.

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Get the most from your excess cash flow with tax-efficient savings options to help you achieve your future goals while also enjoying the present.


Develop personalized investment strategies that benefit from broad diversification while managing risk.

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